About Earth Elements Candle Company

Indulge In The Unique Ambiance Our Element Infused Aromas Provide. Every Artisanal Soy And Bee’s Wax Candle Is 100% Natural And Phthalate Free. Made In Oregon From Materials Sourced In The USA, Every Exquisite Candle Is Truly One Of A Kind and infused with powerful elements straight from Mother Earth. Sand from eons of erosion at both land and sea, combine with magical crystals to energize the air while burning. The soft crackle from the wooden wick creates a soothing ambiance, and the Enchanting aromas charm the senses. Made with only premium and eco-friendly wax, these beautiful works of art are a favorite of candle lovers, gift givers, and casual shoppers.

Soy Wax Candles

At Earth Elements Candle Company we use 100% American farmed soy wax. Soy wax is perfect for candles because it’s eco friendly, has a long burn time, excellent scent throw & low soot, which means cleaner air! We have tested numerous brands and suppliers to find the creamiest, smoothest, most beautiful soy wax we could!

Soy wax is one of the most eco friendly waxes. Earth Elements never uses waxes like paraffin (from petroleum) or palm wax that is is responsible for the deforestation of the precious rain forest on a mass scale.


Bee’s Wax Candles

Bee’s wax is a wonderful way to purify the air naturally by removing the tiny particles and ions like pollen and bacteria. Unlike most other waxes, bee’s wax commonly has a mild, sweet honey smell all by itself. Sourced from USA Bees!